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MoonSHINE Services

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Iv Amenti

Dallas, TX

Kamera, 18
Dallas, TX


The EYP Introductory Gift Box was an unforgettable experience for our daughter's cycle party!

EYP definitely changed my relationship with my MoonSHINE.  I've explored the cloth pads and menstrual cup. And I like BOTH! Because of EYP, my MoonSHINE is CHEMICAL FREE, Monthly. PERIOD!


  • MoonSHINE parties for Girls, The moment her MoonSHINE's she becomes a part of the "forever" growing and changing circle of women.  So honor and celebrate her with stories, wisdom & interactive stations that will nurture, inspire and prepare her for this journey! She deserves it! Doesn't she? Let us do the work!

  • "Honey Comb Suite" Social Mixers for Adults that give back! #CoreElementsInc               Products                                                        

  • Natural Menstrual Hygiene Products for every woman and girl.

  • "MoonSHINE" Gift Boxes for Girls. Girls should never be ashamed of the "P" word, PERIOD! Our MoonSHINE Gift Boxes celebrate her Stepping Into Womanhood!

  • "Stay Ready" Emergency Kits for Women & Girls. For those unexpected moments, preparation is key!                                                                                                                 

Deanna, 18

Dallas, TX

OMG! The cup catches everything! I would have never tried it before being introduced to EYP and educated about healthy alternatives, at our MoonSHINE Party with the Coming of Age Rites of Passage mentor group!


Mesquite, TX

Talking about the menstrual cycle has made me uncomfortable for years, but your introductory box help me not only have an open dialogue with my neice but it made me a little more comfortable about my own MoonSHINE, too. I wish I had a box to welcome me to womanhood back in my day!