This is the go-between! Not too long but just long enough for that extra protection. Worry-free can now be reality.

Length: 11.5 in. (16 Pads)Chlorine Free, Elimates Odor, High Absorption, Prevents Itching & cramp.

Principal ingredients and their known benefits:

1. Rose: Improves circulation and relieves pain

2. Aloe: Anti-inflammatory, relieves itchiness and moisturizes

3. Mint: Refreshing, anti-microbial, and relieves pain/tension

4. Lavender: Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and helps to relieve dermatitis symptoms5. Houttuynia: Anti-microbial, anti-viral and improves urinary flow

Lhamo Overnight Pad. 11.5 inches.



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