Upgrading your period experience and want the cleanser for cup care at home and "on the go"? Then we have the perfect bundle for you: one Lunette cup with carry case, the FeelBetter Menstrual Cup Cleanser, and a box of Lunette Cup Wipes. 


The Lunette period cup is a user-friendly tampon alternative. It's naturally hygienic, made from silky-soft medical grade silicone. Eco-logical every month: reusable for years to come, save money & the planet, with our vegan & ecofriendly cup! Lunette means more freedom and less hassle — you can wear your period cup for up to 12 hours and overnight!


The FeelBetter Menstrual Cup Wash is the perfect match for your silicone cup. Scented with lemon and eucalyptus oil for their purifying properties. This is a condensed formula, just a drop is enough! This new formula has a 3.5 PH, contains no parabens and is even vegan. Condensed - just a drop is enough to thoroughly clean your Lunette cup. It also means less packaging material. In fact, the size is optimized for travel and has a leak proof cap.

About Cleansers for Silicone Menstrual Cups
The Lunette Feelbetter Liquid Wash is NOT a regular soap in a new package, but a product that is very important for your wellbeing. Washing the cup with regular hand soap is known to cause irritation, swelling and infections for some women. We don't want anyone to experience this kind of discomfort related to their cup, which is why we recommend the Lunette Feelbetter Liquid Wash. This product was researched and vigorously tested over a long period of time until we found just the right formula that is good for both you and your cup.

Feelbetter Liquid Wash comes in a 150 ml bottle (5 oz).

Contents: Water, Vegetable Oil Based Cleansing Agent, Salt, Citric Acid, Essential Lemon and Eucalyptus Oils.


Lunette Cup Wipes are a simple, handy option for cleaning and sterilizing your cup when water is not an option. Each box contains 10 individually wrapped wipes that are biodegradable. Just keep one in your pocket or purse and you're GTG . . . GOOD TO GO. Lunette cup wipes allows you cleansing convenience everywhere: the office, the gym, public restrooms - even camping.

Remember that these wipes are intended for cup use only - it is too strong to be used in your genital area.

When unfolded, each wipe is 7" long and 5.5" wide. The wipes are made of viscous and only contain water and alcohol.


"The Works" Starter Kit: The Menstrual Cup, Carry Case, Cup Wipes & Wash.

Lunette Cup Size

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