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Let's Talk PERIOD!

Changes and Transformations
Times when they are growing from one phase of life into the next, are parts of life every girl can count on.  Sometimes they are easy, other times not so easy for her.  Sometimes she feels excited and other times, not so much. This is one of many reasons a girl’s MoonSHINE must be celebrated, not ignored or considered an embarrassing or weird taboo, PERIOD!
Well, Empower You, PERIOD! (EYP) The Latest, Generation of Natural Feminine Care Packaging and Services celebrate and educate women and girls about our menstrual cycle and hygiene management.
Our "She's Worth It" Campaign and Service promote the importance of her first menstrual cycle and those to come, the safety of our girls during their menstrual cycle and aims to alleviate the stigmas and taboos attached to the menstrual cycle, PERIOD! We do this by providing interactive, fun, learning workshops with a few keepsakes in remembrance of our time in shared space and to encourage her to share what she has learned with her peers.

MoonSHINE Celebrations for Girls


  • A girl's first moon cycle signifies her "Stepping into Woman". Let's be straight. "Stepping into Womanhood" can be a bit intimidating, in fact, downright, scary and even embarrassing for most adolescent girls, especially if they have not been prepared by their mothers.   One way to lighten the mood and celebrate this momentous time in your daughter’s life is by having a MoonSHINE party to honor her first period. It can be difficult for young girls and even women to get excited about something that brings both blood and sometimes pain but having a MoonSHINE Celebration can be a great first step towards her being able to embrace her period and its significance as the beginning of her journey to womanhood. 

    • What we offer.... (A La Carte Services)

      • Preparing Myself to Shine: A fun, interactive workshop all about how to prepare for her MoonSHINE experience.  It includes:

        • Self-Image: The Joys & Struggles of Stepping into Ladyhood.

        • Understanding the Basics of her body.

        • Body Maintenance: How to take care of herself inside and out, during her MoonShine (menstrual flow)., i.e. hygiene, charting her cycle & product options.                                   

      • Stations (Candy Station is included): Pick one or more:

        • Warming Buddy" Station (Design their very own, Natural, Heating Pad with Essential Oils). 

        • Sip's Tea Party (EmpowHer about Herbal Teas that cater to Womb Wellness),

        • Moon Time Meditation Station: Vision Boards, Affirmations and More!

        • Gele Gele (jelly-jelly) Station: Waistbead-making session., This beautiful and thoughtful keepsake, is sure to Welcome Her to Womanhood with ALL Smiles!

        • "Stay Ready" Kit Station: Making sure young ladies are prepared for those "Unexpected Moments, Girls will be educated on how to stay ready at all times. lessons includes putting together the actual "Stay Ready" Kit with organic, Chemical free, products, fashionable waterproof & washable purses and more! 

        • "Candy Station": To sweeten the deal, each participate will leave with their own bag of goodies.


      • MoonShine Gift Box for the GLOW Girl of the Day Includes: Period Guide, Biodegradable, Disposable Bags, Flushable Wipes, Mesh Bag (for cloth pads only), Red Raspberry Leaf Herbal Tea, EYP Calendar, Carry Case, Journal and your choice of (Pick One):

        • 4- Organic Disposable Pads w/2 pantiliners

        • 6-Organic Disposable Tampons, with 4 pantiliners

        • 1-Menstrual Cup and 3 organic disposable pantiliners 


Special Note: GLOW GIRL: The Young Lady who is being recognized, honored and celebrated as she flows into Ladyhood, her Menarche (1st period).


COMING SOON: "Go With The Flow" Social Mixers and Trainings for Adults.

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