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Giving Works

Because She's Worth It!

We aren't just a "period" store, we are a start-up company that celebrates and supports women and girls through their womanhood journey. Help us provide natural, products, and services that address self-esteem and menstrual hygiene management for inner-city girls.  Your donation will help prepare her for those unexpected moments and address period poverty!

Girl, Pay it Forward! 

1 in 5 girls, in the U.S., are affected by period poverty. They have left school early or missed entirely, due to the lack of access to menstrual hygiene products.  You can make a difference. We invite individuals, organizations, and businesses to join our "Because She's Worth" Campaign, powered by Women Divine, 501-c3! Purchase and Donate (P.A.D), safe, natural products for her, host a pad party, and fundraising efforts for our menstrual health programs for inner-city girls and homeless women are all welcome efforts.

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Handing Pantyliner

product donations

Chemical free pads with wings, biodegradable wipes and disposable bags.

stay ready carry casE

Help her be prepared for those unexpected moments. Purchase and Donate our emergency kit for her.


Menstrual health education and safe products are important.  Donating as little as, $8 can cover her period for at least 1 month or provide natural products for 10 stay ready carry cases. We also welcome sponsorship for menstrual health education workshops.

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