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About Us

Providing plant-based feminine care products: Our mission is to promote the use of safe, menstrual health & hygiene (MHH) products from reputable brands and provide education about reproductive health

and self-esteem. 

The Owner

"Twymeika 'Jendayi' Hill-Jones is the founder of Empower You, PERIOD!, a cutting-edge provider of natural,

feminine care products and services that celebrate

and educate women and girls about reproductive health

and self-esteem. This encompasses vital information about puberty, menstrual cycles and hygiene management.

Through her years of experience working with girls and women, Mrs. Hill-Jones noticed that many girls lacked

access to femcare products, essential knowledge about understanding proper menstrual hygiene and self-care,

along with the array of natural products at their disposal.


Additionally, they grappled with understanding the changes occurring in their bodies, especially during puberty and their initial experiences with menstruation."


Harmful societal norms have led to girls feeling ashamed and embarrassed about their menstrual cycles, often causing emotional withdrawal and hindrances in their academic progress due to a lack of education about menstrual health, self-care, and limited access to necessary products. Additionally, girls, both in the United States and abroad, are frequently forced to stay home, excluded from social activities, events, and religious services because of the stigma surrounding their menstrual cycles.

Girls Learning


To confront these challenges, Mrs. Hill-Jones initiated open dialogues with girls, women, and men on a scale she had never imagined. She delved into extensive research on various products and how they could best address the issues that some women and girls faced during their menstrual cycles, including cramps, mood swings, and vaginal irritations. After years of studying products and engaging in 'Period Conversations' with women in workshops, retreats, and a series of gatherings known as 'MoonSHINE Parties' involving girls of all ages, Empower You, PERIOD! was born. Recognizing a pressing need, she chose to confront it rather than ignore it.

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