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Providing plant-based fem-care, Our mission is to promote the use of safe, menstrual health & hygiene (MHH) products from reputable brands and provide education about reproductive health

and self-esteem. 

Behind the Scenes

Twymeika "Jendayi" Hill-Jones is the owner of Empower You, PERIOD!, The Latest Generation of Feminine Care Packaging and Services that celebrate and educate women and girls about reproductive health and self-esteem, including our menstrual cycle and hygiene management.  She doesn’t just  offer an online, natural product, store, but a service that inspires girls and women to be empowered, self-confident and simply good to themselves.


For several years, Jendayi spent time working with girls, women and the men who love them! In her work, she recognized girls were unaware of how to, properly, take care of themselves during their MoonSHINE (menstrual cycle), the various natural products available to them and they also struggled with understanding what's happening to their bodies, especially during puberty and when embarking upon their first MoonSHINE. Mothers and fathers were challenged with how to communicate these changes to their girls, too.



There were also quite a few teens and adult women, not prepared for those unexpected moments, whether it was because their MoonSHINE showed up outside of its 21-28 days or they simply didn't know when it actually comes and goes.   Not to mention, the stigmas and taboos attached to the menstrual cycle, from both genders, such as, it being a curse or its the worst thing a woman has to go through., it's nasty, etc. 



Sadly, These negative social norms have lead to women and girls being ashamed and embarrassed of their MoonSHINE rather than excited about it, low self-esteem and poor menstrual hygiene, like girls sitting in class rather than asking permission to use the restroom, to change her pad. Women and girls doing their best to hide their box of pads or tampons needed for their menstrual cycle when visiting the store. Not to mention girls in and outside of the US, having to stay at home, pushed out of social interaction and events, as well as, religious services during her MoonSHINE!  All of this, simply due to the lack of education and in some places even the lack of access to hygiene products.



To address these issues, Twymeika began to engage in the conversation with girls, women and men more than she'd ever imagined.  She also began to explore various products and how they best benefit and address problems some women and girls were challenged with during their MoonSHINE, such as cramps, mood swings, vaginal irritations, etc.  After a few years of product research, Period Conversations with women from workshops to retreats and a series of MoonSHINE Parties with girls of all ages, Empower You, PERIOD! came to life.  There was a need and she decided to address it rather than ignore it.

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