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Dedicated to fostering a healthier and more empowering world for women and girls, free from shame and embarrassment, Empower You, PERIOD offers accessible, natural period products from trusted brands through our online store. In addition, our services extend to families, schools, and community organizations, providing a distinctive platform that strives to...


It's Official! We are GSNETX Partners!

Attention Girl Scout Troop Leaders!

Earn the HEALTHY LIVING Badge with our workshop, Empower You, PERIOD! Visit 'Program Partners' and click on 'Life Skills' on their page. Send us an email to reserve your group's spot!

Our workshops tackle reproductive health and self-esteem through creative, interactive sessions that focus on menstrual hygiene education. We delve into the significance of transitioning into womanhood, proper hygiene management, and breaking down the stigmas attached to women and girls.

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