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6 Tips for Postpartum Prep!

Every woman's postpartum journey is different. Even though, it may not all be bells and whistles, there are ways to prepare for its recovery, making the experience a little easier, before the arrival of your new addition to the lineage! Here are six tips for postpartum prep!

  1. Prepare your home & spouse before the baby arrives. Make sure you have all things "baby"., bottles, breast pump, breast storage bags, Prepare the baby room or shared space in the home for the baby, like setting up the crib and also make sure your significant other knows how you would like to come

  2. Don't try to do everything yourself. Allow others to help you and know when to ask for help.

  3. Get your Rest! Between feedings and diaper changes, There will ALWAYS be something to do. Rest is needed so you can reset and have the energy to be your best self for you, the family and the baby. Rest isn't just about getting enough sleep. #SelfCare

  4. Drink Water! Hydration is important because your body is healing. Dehydration makes you extremely tired, constipated, increases headaches and it makes you want to eat more, slows down your metabolism.

  5. Self-Care! Make time for yourSELF. Postpartum self-care is CRUCIAL. We are only as good to others as we are to ourselves! The better relationship you have with yourself, the better relationship you will have with your baby and those around you.

  6. Stock Up! Put together your own Make a healing kit for yourself. Often times we get busy getting and receiving everything the baby needs and forget about ourselves. We must remember Mommas need stuff, too, like orgnanic natural pads & liners, flushable & biodegradable wipes, natural femwash, herbal teas, nipple salve, breast pads, just to list a few

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