Calm Down, It's NOT Just her PERIOD! 

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Dear Caregivers, Relatives and Friends of Girls, who have or will begin their Menarche soon, Let's Talk, PERIOD. Make sure SHE is prepared for one of the most important milestones, in her LIFE, Her MoonSHINE, Her Menstrual cycle, her PERIOD because It is not JUST her Period. Stop waiting for its arrival. She is never to young to begin learning about the amazing changes that will occur during her pubescent stages of life and the roles and responsibilities that come with them.

In the African culture, Beginning her MoonSHINE (menstrual cycle) was a magical time that marked the beginning if her rites of passage into womanhood. During this time young girls would be taken to a sacred space away from the men and boys and be taught by women about their bodies and all the things that are important about being a woman. Jaha-Echols, Niambi (2008).

Today's society..., seldom or not at all. In this culture, our MoonSHINE (menstrual cycle) is not talked about, nearly enough. Even though our MoonSHINE is something sacred, that we share with other women, many of us are still embarrassed by it. Partly because many of us do not even know how our reproductive systems work. Let me help you have the Conversation, rather than the talk. Remember she is never too young to begin learning the importance of her amazing gifts and responsibilities. Her Womanhood Training begins in the Womb, with the choices and moves you make and continues, thereafter, in her own Rites. #Right

Make sure she Knows that there will come a time of noticeable outward change and the building of strong self~image is not optional. It is required. She must understand the physiology of her anatomy, as well as, the roles that we play in the structure of a healthy family and society. She must understand her responsibilities and how the choices she make today, can affect many generations to come. In the words of Jim Rohn, Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live. She must know and understand that! She must be taught to love, honor and protect her body,