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I See You, Sis! Keep Going.

Let me begin by congratulating you for constantly putting in your best efforts regardless of the challenges that you face!

How do I know this is you?

Because you are here.  Dedicated to learning, growing, evolving, healing, and building.

Give it up for yourself;  you are dope as Hell!

Listen, even olin the few times you were about to give in, threw ya hands up, you’re always a hero for attempting to dare.

So proud of you showing up & showing out!! Continue to Take Up Space, Sis!

Every day, we are surrounded by a world that tells us we must be something different in order to be ourselves.

We need to “go high” like Michelle Obama, while ignoring how we truly feel.

Our feminine energy mininized to stay in our place to be accepted, yet we know the power of our feminine energy exceeds that bullshit! WTF that mean anyway? And who is going to get this ish done in the meantime?

We need to be understanding of others when they are ‘going through something’, without acknowledging that we are too.

We need to show up at work and shine, but not too much.  

Do this for me, *take a deep breath* and let that shenanigans go!  You are enough right now!  

On this International Women’s Day, Sis make the choice to just be you. And, if that scares the heck out of you, then just be more of you.

Get one step closer to building your dream reality, and you are the IT girl, just the way you are.

Use your voice and platforms to call for authenticity for women.

Look at how much you’ve done, and how much more there is to come.

You deserve it!

Remain Amazing,


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