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What about Momma?

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Look. Giving Birth and Caring for a New born can be quite the beautiful struggle. The work involved in motherhood, although rewarding, is like some of the hardest work a woman will do.

There is absolutely nothing like bringing a new baby home. The early days are often filled with a balance of beautiful moments and chronic sleep deprivation.

This journey is like none other, creating new life, discovering a new identity. this transformation is both magical and difficult. She needs time and space to rest, recover and receive!

This is the perfect time for a friend or relative to come to the rescue with a super awesome postpartum care package. Mommas need nurturing, too. Use the code: MOMMYTOBE at check out and receive 10% off, now!


Iv Amenti
Iv Amenti
Aug 23, 2021

Empoweryouperiod empowers again! What I love about this brand is it supports the complete physical journey of our feminine selves!!!


I'm loving the products empower you period have. My whole monthly cycle changed once I switched to over to all natural pads and I'm loving it.

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