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Organic Herbal w/ Organic Cotton Topsheet

Tired of overnight discomfort and leaks? These super-absorbent overnight pads with wings provide all-natural protection that lasts for hours, ensuring that you get the peaceful beauty sleep that all women deserve.


Overnight pads are sold in packs of 8 and are about 11.2 inches long. (8 Pads)

Get ready to start enjoying a relaxing night of sleep again!

NEW Organic, Cotton Cover. Non-Herbal Pads. Overnight. 11.2 inches. 8 ct

  • 100% Certified Organic Cotton Top Sheet, Chlorine Free Natural Absorbent Core, Nontoxic Adhesive, Compostable Back Sheet and Inner Bag.

    Say BYE! To Harmful Chemical: No Pesticides, No Latex, No Chlorine Bleaches, No Toxic Adhesives.

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