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Introductory Gift Boxes,

Stay Ready Kits & More... 


No one should be afraid or embarrassed by the “P” word, PERIOD ! Celebrate her MoonSHINE with these colorful, exciting and informative boxes.  Allow her to explore healthy alternatives when it comes to enjoying and taking care of her, MoonSHINE, PERIOD !

This perfect, little, gift box, not only, welcomes her to womanhood, but it assist caregivers with  addressing her MoonSHINE with awareness, love and understanding! Our Stay Ready Kits make sure you're prepared for those "unexpected moments."  They do happen.  With our waterproof, machine washable, stylish carry cases, you don't have to "Get Ready", just simply "STAY READY" for any occasion, NATURALLY!  Just to list a few awesome products we carry! 

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