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Let's Talk PERIOD!

It's Time to Party. #PERIOD

A girl's first menstruation signifies her transition into womanhood. Let's be candid; this transition can often be intimidating, even downright scary and embarrassing, especially for girls unprepared by their mothers. One wonderful way to lighten the mood and mark this significant moment in your daughter's life is by hosting a MoonSHINE Party to celebrate her first period. We understand that it can be challenging for young girls to feel excited about something that involves both blood and sometimes discomfort. That's why a MoonSHINE Celebration is an excellent first step towards helping her embrace her period and recognize its significance as the start of her journey into womanhood.

We'd be delighted to host a special, MoonSHINE celebration for her first period! Join us for a day of empowerment and fun as we embrace this unique passage into womanhood. We service family, school and community organizations.

 What is a MoonSHINE Celebration and its Benefits?

Our MoonSHINE Celebration is a special event held to celebrate her first menstruation/period. Although it may initiallhy sound unusual to have a party centered round a biological function, period parties effectively transform a potential stigma into a celebration. The experience of getting one's first period can often be intimidating or embarrassing. These parties aim to make young individuals feel at ease, and even empowered, as they navigate the changes that come with puberty. 

What we offer?

It includes interactive, fun, learning workshops, along with a memorable keepsake from this special occasion. It's designed to inspire your daughter to embrace her flow into womanhood, and even share her newfound knowledge with her friends, fostering a sense of community and openness.



2 hour session

Girls Ages 10-19
$49 per girl (minimum 10 girls).

4 Interactive Workshop Stations

This package includes five interactive workshop stations designed to support young girls as they transition into womanhood:

1. Glowing through the Changes Station (Puberty & You): This station provides insights, tips, and empowering 

     knowledge to help young girls embrace the changes of puberty with confidence.

2. Anatomy Awareness Station: Participants will gain a better understanding of their bodies and how they work.

3. MoonSHINE (Period) Self-Care Station: Girls will learn about menstrual hygiene, how to track their menstrual cycle,

    and explore different menstrual products. This station includes hygiene products and a calendar for tracking.

4. Candy Station: To add a sweet touch, each participant will leave with a bag of goodies.


Special Feature - MoonShine Gift Box for the GLOW Girl of the Day: This box includes a Period Guide, biodegradable disposable bags, flushable wipes, Herbal Tea, an EYP Calendar, a carry case, and a journal.


Add-On Options ($10-$15 per girl):

  • "Stay Ready" Kit Station:  Educates young ladies on how to be prepared for unexpected menstrual moments. The lesson includes assembling a "Stay Ready" Kit with organic, chemical-free products such as pads, wipes, disposable bags, and a stylish travel case. Cost: $15 per girl.

  • "Warming Buddy" Station: Participants will design their natural heating pads with essential oils. Cost: $10 per girl.

  • "Sip's Tea Party" Station: Discover the benefits of herbal teas for mood and womb wellness. Cost: $10 per girl.

  • "Moon Time" Meditation Station: Encourage self-reflection through creating vision boards and affirmations. Cost: $15 per girl.

  • MoonSHINE" Jewelry Station: Create meaningful keepsakes with waist beads (for ages 14-19) or bracelets (for ages 10-12). Cost: $10-$15 per girl.

Join us to celebrate this pivotal moment and help our girls embrace their journey into

womanhood with grace and confidence.





For more information and parties to accommodate 20+ girls, please,

send us an email!

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