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MoonSHINE Party

A girl's first moon cycle signifies her "Stepping into Woman". This can be a bit intimidating, in fact, downright, scary, and even embarrassing for most adolescent girls. Especially, if they have not been prepared by their mothers. One way to lighten the mood and celebrate this momentous time in your daughter’s life is by having a MoonSHINE party to honor her first period.

Moonshine Party

Honeycomb Suite Mixers

 In collaboration with the 501c3, Women Divine, NFP, EYP's Honey Comb Suite addresses the disparities of inner-city girls in their communities, when it comes to their menstrual cycle. 

It works with businesses and organizations to host pad parties for inner-city girls. Participants donate and/or purchase Stay Ready kits (organic disposable pads, bags and/or flushable wipes) to make sure inner-city girls & homeless women are prepared for those unexpected moments!  All while enjoying an evening of good music, good conversation, and good company!  


These Stay Ready Carry Kits are later disseminated to inner-city girls in local middle and high schools and homeless women, FREE!  They don't pay a thing! 

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The Shine Registry

If you can ask for a gravy boat when you're getting married, you should be able to ask for stuff when you're starting a business too. We love weddings and housewarmings and baby showers and all the celebrations that go along with each of those things. We love the traditions that let us celebrate the personal milestones in our lives, which is why we want something to celebrate professional successes as well.

Shine Registry hosts profiles of businesses and their founders with wedding registry-style lists of the stuff that they need to succeed professionally. Founders ask for support while they are starting their businesses and give their communities an opportunity to show that support in meaningful and substantive ways.

Empower You, PERIOD is one of their profiles! Please visit our registry and help us continue to have a positive impact o in the lives of women and girls, in business and our community give back! 

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