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Organic Herbal w/ Organic Cotton Topsheet

Perfect for work, play, vacation, or just staying at home – whatever you’re doing with your life, these highly absorbent, all-natural cotton pads enable you to do it in comfort, without worrying about leaks. #compostiblematerial #fdaregistered #highlyabsorbent


Day use pads are sold in packs of ten and are roughly 9.5 inches long. (10 Pads)

Don't be hesitant to go wherever you like; your freedom of movement is not being restricted in any way!


Discover how organic extracts can give you the breathable, comfort and care you deserve TODAY!

NEW Organic, Cotton Cover. Non-Herbal Pads. Day Use. 9.5 inches. 10 ct

$6.99 Regular Price
$5.95Sale Price

Earth Day Sale!

  • 100% Certified Organic Cotton Top Sheet, Chlorine Free Natural Absorbent Core, Nontoxic Adhesive, Compostable Back Sheet and Inner Bag.

    Say BYE! To Harmful Chemical: No Pesticides, No Latex, No Chlorine Bleaches, No Toxic Adhesives.

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