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Welcome to the new normal. It’s time to say goodbye to toxic, chemical-laden, fragrance-filled feminine washes. Experience a revolutionary new way to do feminine hygiene.

Our feminine washes are the first step in our three-step system. Formulated with plant-based goodness, our normal feminine wash is made for girls and women who do not experience irritation or dryness and who typically use new products without any inflammation or sensitivity. Our washes are only to be used externally and are not douches.





The Honey Pot Co. Plant-Based. Feminine Wash. 5.51 oz.

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Honey Pot FemWash
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  • The Honey Pot founder, Beatrice Dixon, spent years perfecting their signature formula of organic and vegan ingredients to provide a safe and all-natural solution to these womanly inconveniences. Each Honey Pot wash utilizes the natural antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal, and moisturizing powers of these plant-based ingredients to help keep you in physiological harmony.

    Although the product is not a cure for vaginal or urinary infection and disease (nor are we a douche), the feminine washes were especially created to provide better vaginal hygiene, promote pH balance and aid your natural vaginal immunity. Not only are The Honey Pot washes gentle enough for your most delicate parts and safe enough for expecting moms and even younger users, our feminine washes are free of sulfates, parabens, carcinogens, dyes, additives and artificial ingredients - utterly free from anything unnatural.

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